Chinese Songs Suitable for Intermediate Learners

Chinese Songs Suitable for Intermediate Learners part 1.

In the previous article “Chinese songs suitable for basic learners“, I mentioned Chinese songs suitable for beginners, and now we are going to discuss suitable for intermediate Chinese learners.

Intermediate learners will have at least five hundred more new words than beginner learners. In addition to the accumulation of new words, the hidden meaning of the lyrics is straightforward to find out.

We need to know that every song has meaning. Who is the writer writing to whom? Why did the writer write? What emotion does the writer want to convey? Let the singer convey everything.

You can feel the joy and sorrow of the following two songs due to singing. The joy is the emotional fusion of the two; the sadness is that the two who are in love can no longer be together and express their miss for each other through songs.

  1. 屋頂 Wūdǐng
  2. 練習愛情 Liànxí àiqíng
  3. 梁山伯與茱麗葉 Liángshān bó yǔ zhūlìyè
  4. 學貓叫 Xué māo jiào
  5. 窗外 Chuāngwài

情非得已 Qíng fēi dé yǐ

There are many versions of this song, and they are covered in different languages. It is worth learning!

Stay tuned for the BaiBai Chinese next share!


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