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There are many unexpected awesome people here, just follow them.


Rebecca is a French PR consultant, based in Taipei. She’s also a certified Gokul Yoga Teacher, and fashion model. If you are interested for more details please get in touch! 🇹🇼


Practice conversational Korean, or English speaking (business, medical, resumes)


Veronica likes to do aerial yoga, hiking and exploring Taiwan’s city life and nature.

Winnie Effendy

Self-learned western and Korean make up artist based in Taipei. Online booking is available through instagram DM.


Jesse is a Taipei based illustrator, muralist, designer and educator, and is happy to offer assistance with any art or illustration projects. English language art tutoring is also available. 加油!

FaceBook Fan Page

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Dana Chang Lactation

Dana is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), providing English speaking in-home lactation & infant feeding consultation services in Taipei.

YouTube Channel

The moment of the camera records our real life

Bo Hesselbæk 賀思博

Use the camera to record our real life in Taiwan, share our daily life in Taiwan, Taiwanese culture and travel itinerary, etc.

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