A good tool for learning Chinese

To learn Chinese, in addition to a Chinese teacher that suits you, what tools do you need to help yourself learn after class?

Many students have the question “Teacher, what do you recommend to practice Chinese?” I will recommend students based on their level and learning situation first.

The following is a dictionary that I recommend to learn Chinese:
Applicable to all levels: PLECO
Level is above intermediate: 萌典

Both of these dictionaries have APP that can be downloaded, and you can also set your own vocabulary list.

In the listening part, in addition to listening to Chinese songs, you can also start listening to the radio to get some new information and get yourself used to immersing yourself in the Chinese-speaking environment.

The following is the radio website that I recommend to learn Chinese:

No matter where you are, at any time, you can listen to this website “Radio.com”. There are also broadcasts from other countries on the website. When you want to listen to music in your own country, just open it and listen to it!

In addition to listening to the radio, this website also provides many podcasts. Among them, BaiBai Chinese recommends the “天下雜誌Podcast“, which updates the content every day, combining current affairs and life, so you must listen to it.

There are many ways to learn Chinese. Finding a method that suits you is more important than anything else. Only “YOU” knows yourself best, what do you think?

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